Zipple World new update!

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Zipple World

A new update of the game with new worlds and new unlockable achievements is now ready on Steam! And now the development for SteamWorks integration is started!

Rock World:

Starting at level 10, it will be unlocked the Rock world, with new obstacles and oscillating ramps!

Zipple World new update

Zipple World new update

Contaminated World:

Starting at level 20, it will be unlocked the Contaminated world, with organic elements infesting the path and with spinning and oscillating ramps!

Zipple World new update

Zipple World new update

New internal achievements:

There are now 11 new in-game achievements, to earn more valuable points!
This is the list:
achievement star A good start! -> You have passed the level 1
achievement star Rock! -> You unlocked the rock world
achievement star Contaminated! -> You unlocked the third world
achievement star Beginner! -> You killed 10 enemies
achievement star Soldier! -> You killed 50 enemies
achievement star Veteran! -> You killed 100 enemies
achievement star Legend! -> You killed 500 enemies
achievement star Cautious! -> You saved 10 items
achievement star Explorer! -> You saved 50 items
achievement star Collector! -> You saved 100 items
achievement star Hero! -> You saved 500 items

Now on Steam!


Zipple World released on Steam!

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The Windows version of the game is now LIVE on the Steam store!

This is the story of Zipple, a frog warrior who must collect the objects scattered in his world of mazes and then bring them into the homes of her village.

To pass each level you have to transport a certain number of objects (scattered in the maze) in the houses of the village. All that by running, jumping and killing enemies.

There are various types of enemies of various species, and there are movable obstacles and bonuses falling from the sky. You can also kill enemies by jumping on them.
Zipple World game trailer – Indie DB

Planned updates for 2016:

  • New scenery pack
  • Steamworks API